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  • Product name: Conformal Coating - Techspray 2127
  • Category: Conformal Coating - Hóa Chất Phủ PCB
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Fine-L-Kote™ SRV Silicone Coating
Product# 2127

Product Description
Fine-L-Kote™ SRV is a one-part, clear conformal coating with a
moisture and abrasion resistant surface after cure.
Silicone conformal coatings are the most universal coating, offering
protection for a wide variety of environments. This coating offers a
resilient, stress reducing protection, while containing reduced VOC
content. Utilizing a moisture/humidity-based curing mechanism, this
coating cures quickly at ambient conditions.

Features / Benefits
•Low VOC solvent-borne resin coating
•Cures to a tough, elastoplastic, resilient, abrasion resistant surface
• Exceptional dirt, dust, and soil repellency -- surfaces remain clean
• Extends component life by protecting against adverse
environments, with exceptional resistance to moisture, salt,
fungus, corrosive vapors, and severe environments
• Outstanding insulation properties help with circuit insulation
• Excellent flexibility minimizes and absorbs thermal and mechanical
• Engineered to withstand heat generated by electronic circuitry as
well as climatic temperature extremes
• Superior transparency
•Room temperature cure, no ovens required
•Optional mild heat acceleration (after solvent flash-off) can speed
in-line processing
•UV indicator allows for manual or automated inspection
•UL 94 V-0 flammability rating

•UL94 flammability rating V-0
•MIL-STD 810G salt spray test
•MS941-04 salt spray test

•Data Communications
•Automotive Manufacturing
•Marine Manufacturing
•Process Control

Typical Properties
Physical state One-part liquidColor (cured) Translucent (clSolubility in water Insoluble
Flash point (Closed cup) 10ºF (-12.2ºC)
UV indicator Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Shelf life 9 mo. from pro

Fine-L-Kote SRV – Standard Viscosity
Coverage (1 mil dry film) 723 ft
per galViscosity (cP) 82 +/-20
Specific gravity (water = 1) @68ºF 0.85
Solids / NVC (%) 45 +/-5
VOC Carb – 25.2%
SCAQMD – 415 Federal – 13.2% MIR – 0.16

Fine-L-Kote SRV 950 – High Viscosity
Coverage (1 mil dry film) 1285 ft
2 per gaViscosity (cP) 950 +/-100
Specific gravity (water = 1) @68ºF 0.95
Solids / NVC (%) 85 +/-5
VOC Carb – 4.7%
SCAQMD – 152 Federal – 3.8% MIR – 0.04 


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  • Conformal Coating - Techspray 2127

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