1. Lifting Force (↑): 11.57 Kg @ -60 kPa
  2. Lifting Force (→): 7.92 Kg @ -60 kPa
  3. Volume: 20.0 cm³
  4. Diameter: 60 mm
  5. SKU: VFC60

flat curved suction cups VFC60 series full

Features and Strengths:

  1. The VFC suction cup VFC60 series is excellent for handling curved and flat surfaces. The cleats on the suction cup improve the friction between the holding piece and the suction cup. Therefore, moving the products horizontally or vertically can be achieved with great excellence.

flat curved suction cups VFC60 series

Examples of use:

  1. Automotive Windshields
  2. Automotive Doors
  3. Automotive Roofs
  4. Concave Sheet Panels